So, if you know me you may now be wondering a few things about this post.

Why is this post in English?

Because I can. And I want to. As I'm planning on adding more development related posts I decided to make the switch to the English language to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Also, I want to improve my English skills - a pretty posh goal, isn't it?

What do you mean by the title and what is this new CMS you were talking about?

(And why is this headline so damn long?)

The title is a very bad pun about the name of the new CMS. I'm sorry for that.

This blog is now powered by Grav, a completely database-less and flat-file CMS. This means each blog post is raw markdown with some meta information. e.g. the markdown file for this post looks like that:

title: 'This blog just got some more gravity'
summary: 'Actually, it got a brand new update featuring a new CMS and other cool stuff.'
date: '28-09-2016 20:41'
        - Meta

So if you know me, you may now be wondering a few things about this post.

As you may know the old blog was powered by Ghost (which I really liked, tbh). But it was completely overpowered and sucked too much of my anyway rare RAM. Grav is way more performant.

Why does this site look so differently compared to the old one?

By changing the blogging engine I also had to create a new style, because the old one was in fact the default theme of Ghost. The style was cool, but I didn't really like it anymore after some time, so I created this completely new one. I hope you like it :)

What topics will the new blog be about?

As mentioned above, I'd like to post more about tech and development related stuff. The answer about which topics exactly I will cover is still blowing in the wind.

Possibilities are endless, but most probably it will be something about Sitecore and .NET development in general (as I earn my buns with this now) as well as coding and open source stuff, just because it's my hobby.

Can I somehow somewhere read your old posts?

Yes, I've imported most (of the few ones I ever wrote) into the new blog.

What can I do if I have some more questions?

Just as usual: don't hesistate to contact me via email