A simple pastebin for pasting pastes.

Really, it's probably the easiest pastebin that you can find out there. It allows you to select from a variety of languages for syntax highlighting for your pastes. You may also view your pastes as raw text files by appending /raw to the URL.

If you prefer shorter URLs, you may use my URL shortener :)


Speaking of shorter URLs... I offer a simple URL shortening service at Just paste your link an click on "Shorten". You may also add a custom slug that will be used to generate the shortened URL.

The API is public so feel free to integrate that service and build something cool around it.

Hacktoberfest Checker

Please, see my dedicated blog post about the Hacktoberfest and that service.

What Should I Listen To Today?

WSILT is a service with the purpose of telling you to what you could listen to based on the current (/today) or a given weekday (/on/:day, where :day needs to be replaced by the weekday, e.g. /on/monday). It uses Spotify to directly link to the according songs.

WSILT is open source. You can help improve it by contributing on GitHub.


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